Midday Music

Mid-Day Music:
Every day, just after lunch, a team of wonderful grade 6 students help run our mid-day music program. This is a time for students, staff, and visitors to relax, sit quietly, and enjoy a few minutes of music. Miss Gallant chooses music that is either related to current curriculum themes, seasonally appropriate, or just plain fun! We love variety, so each song is representative of a different style, genre, or era of music – from classical to jazz, Celtic to modern, Canadian folk songs and music from Maritime musicians…and sometimes a little rock & roll.

Peer Mediation

We are very proud to have an active Peer Mediation program at Parkside school. The Peer Mediation program is based on the belief that students can solve their own conflicts in a responsible and productive way. The goals of the Peer Mediation program are to reduce conflict that impacts negatively on our school environment, to enhance self-esteem through the process of resolution, and to foster student – student and student – teacher relationships.

Students are selected by their classmates to be peer mediators for the school year. This group of students are then trained in the Peer Mediation Conflict Management Program. Once the training is completed, the students begin their job of peer mediating in the school.

Reading Pals

Reading Pals has been operating at Parkside School for four years. At Parkside,  volunteers, who are referred to as “Grandfriends”, focus specifically on shared reading activities with the children. The children read with their Grandfriends for twenty minutes each week, and in turn the Grandfriends read to the children. Reading Pals is not only a wonderful opportunity for students to gain confidence in their reading, but also an opportunity to share socially and emotionally with an adult. This relationship is mutually beneficial for the students and the volunteer. It is definitely a win – win situation for all involved.

Student Insurance

Parents should be made aware that the Board has in place Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disability insurance for students participating in school activities. The WSB website contains information on coverage provided and procedures PARENTS are to follow for submitting claims (claims are not submitted by the board).


French Immersion

Parkside elementary is pleased to offer our students the opportunity to study in French. Full-day French Immersion is available from kindergarten to grade 6.