Principal’s Message

Hello, Parkside students and parents,

We have a few pieces of information that we would like to share with you.    Student fees can still be paid using our school hot lunch website, which is also listed on our school website.   We would like to have our student fees paid ASAP.  If you would like to pay in person, that can happen on June 26 from 9-12 in the gym lobby.

Any student items that have not already been picked up, are packed and in the gymnasium and can also be picked up June 26.

Teachers will be reaching out to parents very soon to get a confirmation of who would be interested in attending a class gathering for a short period of time.  Social distancing protocols would have to be in place for this opportunity.

We are looking to schedule this on June 22 and 23.  Please let your child’s teacher know whether or not your child would be attending.  Once we have numbers confirmed, we will begin to plan schedules and provide parents information that they would need to share with their child, prior to coming to Parkside on that day.

We have scheduled our Grade 6 Closing for June 24, with a rain date of June 25.  More details regarding the closing will come out in the coming days.

Final Report cards will go home with any students that come for closure activities.  Any students that do not come for closure activities, their parents can pick up the report card on June 26 in the gymnasium from 9-12  

Thank you,

Nick Martin – Principal