Parkside is part of the Three Oaks Family of Schools.
All ELSB school cancellations will be announced on local radio stations and posted on our website by 7:00 A.M. An announcement that “classes in all English Language School Board schools are cancelled” means that there is no school for students. An announcement of a “system wide shutdown” indicates that all schools and offices are closed. In some instances it may only be necessary to close an individual school or a “family of schools”. Partial system closures or delays will be announced by family of schools. (See Below)
ONE HOUR DELAY (Parkside will open at 9:35 in the event of a 1 hour delay)
If a decision on cancellation cannot be made by 7:00 A.M., a one hour delay will be announced whereby all schools and buses will operate one hour later than usual. A further announcement will be broadcast by 8:00 A.M.
In some instances, even in fine weather, buses may be delayed. Parents will be notified via radio broadcast that a bus will be delayed (i.e. Bus #97 is running 30 minutes late).
It may be necessary to close a school or a family of schools part way through a school day for weather related concerns. Detailed announcements will be made on local radio stations and posted to our school board website.
Parents who will not be at home when children arrive are responsible for making alternate arrangements for the care of their children on such days. Please notify the school of these arrangements as soon as possible.
Should Transportation Infrastructure Renewal and/or the RCMP recommend that school buses remain off Island roads, students may be required to remain at school beyond their normal dismissal time (unless picked up by a parent or designate). Announcements will be made on local radio stations and posted to our school board website.
On days when classes are in session, and the low temperature combined with wind provides a wind chill of -20 or below, students will not be required to go outside at recess or lunch, or remain outside upon morning arrival.
1. The final decision to attend school or to travel to school via school bus always rests with the parent.
2. Please do not drop children off at school unless you are certain that school is operating that day and that staff are present to supervise the children.
3. Please listen to the radio and check the school board website frequently between 6:30 and 8:00 A.M. daily to determine if schools are operating. Every effort will be made to have announcements broadcast by 7:00 A.M.
4. Please do not call the school, school board office, or radio stations for information on cancellations or delays. Such calls tie up telephone lines which may be needed for emergency use.

English Language School Board Contact Info:
(902) 888-8400 Summerside;

(800) 280-7965 Toll Free;

Dates to remember

  • November 20 – Report Cards go home
  • November 21 – No classes for students – Professional  Development for teachers
  • December 5 – No classes for students – Professional  Developmentfor teachers
  • December 10 – Christmas Concert
    • K-2 – 1:00pm
    • 3-6 – 6:00pm

Christmas Flea Market

Christmas Flea Market In December we’ll be having our annual Christmas Flea market. The purpose of this flea market is to give all students the opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts for their family members. Any gently used items (excluding
clothing and stuffed animals) that you would be willing to donate to our flea market would be greatly appreciated. Please start
looking around your home now for items that you may wish to donate in December. We thank you in advance for your support and generosity.

Upcoming dates

  •  Nov. 20 – Report Cards sent home
  • Nov. 21st – Provincial PD day (NO CLASSES)
  • Dec. 5th – PD day (NO CLASSES)
  • Dec. 10th – Christmas Concert:
    • K – 2, 1:00 p.m.; Gr. 3 – 6, 6:00 p.m.
  • Dec. 23rd – school skate & last day of classes before Christmas break

In case of inclement weather

As winter approaches I would like to remind you of school times in case of one hour delays or early closure. PLEASE LISTEN TO THE RADIO or CHECK ON LINE STORM WATCH REPORTS PROVIDED BY THE RADIO STATIONS IN THE MORNING AND THROUGHOUT THE DAY.
In the case of a one hour delay staff are also delayed. Please check times listed below before dropping off students.

8:15 Office Opens
8:35 School In


9:15 Office Opens
9:35 School In


Thank you to SIS

Thank you SIS for the wonderful concert! A big thanks to ME Callaghan as well for their fantastic performances. Mrs. Gallant, Mme. Duncan and Mrs. Schurman also did a great job working with the Parkside Showband who were amazing!