Latest home and school meeting

The minutes from the latest home and school meeting.

Parkside Home & School
Minutes: October 20, 2011
Attendees: Sandra Hall, Lisa Schurman-Smith, Amra Causevic, Rayona Arsenault, Tanya DesRoche, Tammy Gallant, Penny Coughlin, Christine Handrahan, Guylain Marois, Kathy Gillis, Crystal Gaudet, Joanna Stewart, Janet Cameron, Shelley Thornton, Heidi Quinlan
1. Welcome
2. Approval of the Agenda/Additions/Corrections
3. Reports

Treasurer’s Report
Magazine money has been deposited but the payment has not been made yet. Supplementary orders were received and these will be two weeks behind the main order. Gross sales are approximately $12,000 not including on-line sales.

MOTION: It was MOVED by Joanna Stewart, SECONDED by Crystal Gaudet to approve the Treasurer`s Report as presented. MOTION CARRIED.

Principals’ Report
Events since last meeting
Occupational Health Safety Team is still looking for a parent to come to meetings the last Wednesday of the month at 8a.m.
School Groups have had start up and sending meetings
Primary Literacy | Secondary Literacy |French Immersion Group | Student Service Team | Primary Striving Readers | Evaluation Group | EA Meeting

A fire Drill on October 13 | 12 students to Fire Hall for lunch and tour | 3 Fire trucks for Grade K and 1 for tour in SIS Parking Lot | Bus evacuation is SIS parking lot | UPEI nurses in kindergarten classes | UPEI student in 1B | Three Oaks co op student in music room | Ice Cream sales on last school day of the week by grade 6 for Moncton trip | Peer mediation – paper work and dates (October 29-30) set | Testing of eleven students in primary grades | School pictures | Chip sales

Upcoming Events:
October 20 and 21 staff is at convention –no classes | October 27 – Grade 4, 5, 6 students are going to SIS for concert | Trying to set up “walk from school” program | Overnight Peer Mediation | October 31 – Dress up day and activities | Appointments for teacher/parent interviews to go home on Nov.2 | Teacher/parent interviews – November 8 and 9 | Book Fair from November 3-8 | Provincial PD for staff November 10 | Report cards home on November 24 | Hope to have grade 3 assessments soon | November 24 – In- school P.D. | December 8 – Christmas Concert | December 19 – Skate | December 20 – Last day of classes

Healthy Snack
Crystal reported that we need a minimum of 8 volunteers to make this successful. An email/letter will be sent out to parents to request their help. A volunteer sheet was distributed. It is planned to start on Friday, November 4th and then Friday, November 18th and Thursday, November 24th (due to days off). Crystal will contact the Superstore regarding opening a charge account to make it easier for parents to buy supplies.

Playground Committee
Kathy reported on the progress of the Playground Committee and circulated an update. A great deal of work has been done and thank you to that group. An option would be to do a couple of the smaller items now (removal of tree, benches, and stencils). A plan will need to be developed on how to proceed.
4. New Business

a) Executive Elections:
The position of President and Vice-President were discussed. There was no interest. This will be included in the note sent home to parents.

b) Teacher Requests:
There were too many to discuss with the time remaining. Lisa will summarize and send out by email with the minutes. This will be brought to the November meeting.

c) Draw for Classroom Prize

d) Next meeting – Tuesday, November 15 at 7pm

5. Adjournment