Frozen Jr. at Parkside

Audition information sheet here  *Note – you do not have to print the form, a digital version is provided below.

List of characters/roles here

Paper copies of the above information are available upon request.

Please contact Mrs. Arsenault if you require a paper copy.



Meet the teacher night

Tomorrow night is our meet the teacher night! Please come by at 6:00 for some general information, then an opportunity to talk to your children’s teachers.

Hope to see you there!

First Day – info forms

A great first day – things went relatively smoothly! Some information forms went home today please check them over, sign, and send them back. It’s appreciated getting them as soon as possible.

As always, if there are changes to after-school routines tomorrow, please send a note along, or contact your child’s teacher.

A message from the Principal

Welcome back Parkside students! We are very excited to have a great year here at Parkside. Here is a little information to help all our students and their parents on the first day.
Students should not be on the playground unsupervised prior to 8:15. At that time, we will have our staff come out to supervise our student body. On the first day, we recognize that there will be a number of parents, especially with our new kindergarten students on the playground area. Following the first day, we ask that parents not go onto the playground, as it creates some concerns with our PSB protocols. Not all students know the parents of other children. We appreciate your understanding.

At 8:35 our bell rings for students to come in.

Our K Students – will be coming in our main doors at 8:35 and will be directed by staff members. Please let our staff know if your child is in French K or English K and our staff will help you make your way to your child’s classroom. On the first day, we understand the importance of that walk down the hall to their classroom and what it means to the child and to the parent. We are more than happy to accommodate that special moment. Once in the classroom and your child finds their seat, we encourage parents to say goodbye to your child for the day. They are in great hands. We encourage fostering a sense of independence for our K students from Day 1. Following O Canada and announcements, I will thank our K parents for coming in and look forward to seeing them come back at 2:45 at our walker door.

Grade 1 and 2 students are to go into the gymnasium through the gym lobby doors. Their teachers will be in there and there will be a sheet on the gym wall indicating classrooms. For any parents that do come into the gym, could you please let the teacher know the after school plan for your child. For any parents, who will not be entering the gym, the grade 1 and 2 teachers have requested that you put a note in your child’s lunch bag indicating what the after school plan is for your child.

At 2:45 our students will be exiting the building to take the bus or exiting for pick up. The bus students will exit the main entrance by the office and our students, who are being picked up, will exit the “walker door” which is at the southwest corner of the building, just down from main entrance. Parents, please note that we do not have parents or guardians come in the school to pick up children at 2:45. You are to wait outside the walker door, and students will exit onto the step and cannot leave the step area until they spot their parent or guardian.
Tomorrow is a very busy day, so we do ask for your patience as the process of entering and exiting the building is a traditionally slow one on the first day.

Grade 3-6 students were introduced to their teachers in June and they can go directly to their classrooms. For any students that are unsure, we will have staff in the hallway to help direct them.

Thank you
Nick Martin
Parkside Elementary School

First Day!

Hope everyone is excited for tomorrow! Please send a note along with your children regarding their afterschool travel arrangements, it would be greatly appreciated by the teachers.